Security Solutions

Proven for years in complex networking and performance demanding environments the Demstar Security Team offers customers turnkey security functionality such as firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention, etc across a wide range of models and services

 Our portfolio of Networking solutions includes:

  • Extended Routing and Switching
  • Wireless solutions
  • Corporate WAN solutions
  • Remote Access solutions
  • Network management
  • Structure Cabling

Our portfolio of Network Security Solutions

  • Web Server/ application level/ database level security solutions
  • Intrusion Prevension & Detection
  • Security Network Architecture
  • IS Policies and Procedures based on ISO standards
  • VPN connectivity
  • Firewall level product & solutions
  • Security Hardening
  • Network/ Sec Infra & Risk Assessments
  • Security surveillance audits
  • Sec Infra Health Checks

Comprehensive solutions for all businesses

The mission critical nature of today’s applications makes network and security performance crucial for business success and securing company’s assets. Demstar provides a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the needs of any business irrespective of size including enterprise-class networks.

To meet the challenges of information security brought about by the increasing use of electronic communication and electronic assets, Demstar has established a dedicated business unit dealing with security which specializes in the provision of value added security consultancy services and implementation of turnkey solutions in the segment. The roster of companies supported by Demstar in this area is very impressive ranging from the ever demanding JCC Payment Systems to most banking institutions and private companies.