Imaging and Printing

Our Portfolio of printing products & solutions include:

  • Printing & copying products
  • Plotters and imaging products
  • Network printing and copying solutions
  • Print management solutions (UniFlow/ eCopy/ Therefore)
  • Secure printing
  • Print costing and accounting solutions

Printing has moved beyond the simple end point.

Printing has moved beyond the simple end point (printer, copier, etc) to intelligent print management solutions. Demstar is one of the leading companies in Cyprus in this area having implemented print application driven solutions to achieve increase in productivity, lower costs and secure printing where we offer solutions for user authentication, data integrity and secure document printing.

Imaging and printing infrastructures are becoming key components in business information workflows. Demstar provides the appropriate solution through its product line of CANON and HP imaging peripherals, from a simple copier and network printer to e-faxing and cluster printing solutions. Printing infrastructure includes handheld scanning and printing where you can scan your data, send wirelessly, and then print directly.

We can support all of the services above through the extensive knowledge and experience as Canon and HP partners that ensure a comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

Our highly skilled Solutions Business Consultants work with you to understand your needs.  With their considerable experience they can help to identify potential improvements that Document Management Intelligence could realise for your business.  And because our systems are modular they are easily integrated without large scale reengineering of your existing processes, minimising the expense and disruption that new systems often bring.