Veeam One for VMware and Hyper-V

Veeam® ONE™ is a single solution for powerful and easy-to-use monitoring and reporting for VMware and Hyper-V. It provides complete visibility of the virtual infrastructure and affordably delivers the capabilities that matter most to virtualization administrators.

Many challenges

As server virtualization has matured, so has the need for effective management of the virtual environment.

  • Virtual machines now support mission-critical production workloads.
  • IT must document utilization and the business value of virtualization to multiple constituencies, from IT management to executives.
  • Resources must be allocated efficiently, and VM sprawl must be brought under control.

Powerful and proven technology

Veeam ONE combines the power of Veeam Monitor™, Reporter™ and Business View™—proven tools used by more than 50,000 virtualization professionals— to deliver a single, integrated solution for virtual environments with multiple standalone hosts, management servers, and Failover Clusters. Building on recognized expertise and advanced technology, Veeam ONE offers complete monitoring, performance analysis, alerting and reporting capabilities for VMware and Hyper-V.

Easy to use

Veeam ONE discovers your virtual environment and delivers out-of-the-box capabilities that let you immediately experience the benefits of effective virtualization management. With features that include automatically triggered data collection, prebuilt alarms, dashboards and reports, and an extensive knowledge base, you’ll be satisfied with a solution that’s easy-to-use and powerful, all in ONE.

An affordable solution

Veeam ONE delivers an integrated, comprehensive solution at a competitive per-socket price. Watch your ROI grow as you leverage the power of effective virtualization management to improve application performance and availability, allocate resources more efficiently and increase consolidation ratios, all while reducing administrative overhead.

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